Registering your 356 A T1 "European"

Registration is free and helps "European" owners stay in touch with one another and prevent the limited amount of information on this special series from being lost. After all, you don't just own any old Porsche, you own a piece of history.

What you should also know before registering your "European":

  • We have no intention whatsoever of using your account for commercial purposes, neither today nor in the future.
  • Your full contact details will not, in any case, be passed on to third parties.
  • You also promise to not share the personal data of other owners with third parties.
  • Your complete personal data are only visible to other owners of the "European" in the password-protected member area.
  • Your password is encrypted in the database of this website.
  • Only the VIN number, paint information for the vehicle and country of the car's current owner are visible to the public.

Personal informations

Vehicle informations

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